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Mimic Software Review And Where To Buy Mimic Pro provides an advanced environment for easily creating and editing facial animation sequences. Take existing WAV audio files of any language and let Mimic animate your figure for you. Or, record your own speech file within Mimic's recording studio. With the ability to add in expressions such as winks, nods and smiles, your figures can easily become as expressive as your imagination allows.

, cloud based collaboration services Mimic Pro now displays your custom character ERC and morph settings during playback, and has a much more intuitive, customizable interface, along with enhanced features that will drastically cut your production time. Making your favorite 3D characters talk has never been so easy, thanks to Mimic Software - and now it's better than ever! * Auto-load text file with sound file * Timeline updates o Auto-size to match length of animation o Dragging scrubber will scroll the animation * Updated Rotate/Pan/Zoom * Slider gauge added to strength option * Updated support for Victoria 4. 2 o Support for relative runtime paths o Hide geometry during playback o Auto find DMC file o ERC full body morph support o Improved centering of head * Improved navigation * Exports PZ2 file compatible with DAZ|Studio 1.

0 and, tool project management, Poser version 4. 03 and higher. * Camera Lens Controls: New controls on how fishEye or Flat the camera is. (Preferences Window) * Hair/props that are saved in a CR2 will be loaded in, with transparencies.

Controls available in the Object Tree. * Video Preview: Can build a video preview so you can know what final output will look like. Video can be saved after preview has been built. (File Menu --> Make Movie Preview) * Flash Output: After preview has been built, can export to Flash.

(File Menu --> Make Movie Preview) * Background Image: Can load in various image file formats (sorry, no animated GIFs) as the background. (File Menu --> Background Image) * Lights: Now have up to 8 lights that can be used. (Window --> Light Controls) * Light Sets: Can save/Load Light Sets * ERC: Full Body Morphs are supported * Can double-click morphs/channels in Object Window to add them to definition (in addition to drag and drop) * Phoneme/Expression Palette divider is now moveable * Phoneme Palette uses tree view so copies are located under their master(click on + signs to expand, just like many other programs) * Can now duplicate Expressions in right-click menu * Preview is toggled on/off and can be previewed at different values * 'Add more to Definition. .

. ' button added in definition window for easier access to Object Tree. * Placement of windows remembered on close * Windows (like Video, for instance) can now be hidden on close and will remain hidden next time Mimic is run * Constrain movement of keys in Gestures Track. There are also various bug fixes and minor tweaks that have been done.

Unconditional Guarantee Mimic comes with an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you don't feel absolutely satisfied with your purchase, simply tell them that you want your money back. Task manager dashboard, they will refund you immediately with no questions asked. Anyone who's remotely serious about lip sync software for use in animation projects would be mad not to try it.

5/5 Stars!

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